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Speech And Language Therapy Dubai

“We are all different! We all have skills to improve to have a better quality of life!”

We are a team of Speech and Language Therapists, neuropsychologist dedicated to bringing world-class treatment care to patients in Dubai.
We provide help to people of all ages – from children to seniors – for a whole range of Speech and language therapy and neuropsychology.
At Talking Brains Center, we believe that no two clients are the same; each person has been impacted differently by their problems and needs a personalized and holistic care plan. Hence, our methods keep the needs of the clients and their family at the center of our treatment plan.
Each person is different! Each treatment plan is different! Each family is different!

Our services:

• Early intervention
• Speech and language delays and disorders
• Social communication difficulties and disorder
• Autism spectrum disorder
• Daily life skills: self-care skills (dressing eating feeding), playing skills
• Fine and gross motor skills
• Sensory integration skills
• Developmental delays
• Learning difficulties and disorders (dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, ADHD, ADD, handwriting)
• Cognitive functions (memory, attention, executive functions, visuo-spatial skills, praxia and gnosia) in learning disorders and neurological cases (epilepsy, stroke, brain injury, ALS, MS, Parkinson…)
• Articulation delays or problems
• Voice problems
• Stuttering (children and adults)
• Oromyofunctional disorders (tongue posture in orthodontic cases, sleep apnea, drooling, facial paralysis, chewing and swallowing disorders for babies, children and adults)

Why us?

– We are a multilingual and multicultural team of Speech Therapists in Dubai, UAE fluent in Arabic, French, Spanish, Hindi and English.
– Our team is highly qualified and experienced. We focus on continuous training.
– We are licensed by Dubai Health Authority, Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority.
– All our therapists are licensed by DHA
– We provide the most current evidence-based therapy methods.
– We offer bespoke therapy plans which take into account the individual needs of the patient and the family.

At Talking Brains, our focus is the patient.Our mission is to provide personalized and multi-disciplinary therapy to improve his quality of life.

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