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Reine Bou Issa Ghafary
Speech and Language Therapist and Neuropsychologist

Masters in Speech and Language Therapy, Clinical psychologist – Masters in Neuropsychology. Founder and CEO of Talking Brains Center FZE – DHA-P-0146263

Mrs. Ghafary is dedicating her time to best serve the community.
She established Talking Brains Center FZE in DSO, Dubai.

Having over 18 years of experience in the speech therapy and Neuropsychology profession and holding several degrees including Masters in Neuropsychology (Clinical psychologist) from Angers University in France, Graduate Diploma in School Psychology from the Lebanese University, Master in Speech Therapy from the Lebanese University, and French Baccalauréat (Biology) from Notre Dame de Jamhour in Lebanon.

She took part in numerous internship hours in Toulouse and Albi in France.

Mrs. Ghafary has an extensive clinical experience as a Trilingual Speech Therapist (Arabic, French and English) and as Neuropsychologist. She gained this experience by working for few distinguished organizations such as Medcare Medical center in Dubai, School of Notre Dame Jamhour and School of Saint Gregoire in Lebanon, Geriatric and Rehabilitation Center of Notre Dame Hadeth in Lebanon, The Lebanese Army Medical Hospital, Lebanon, and her own private clinic in Lebanon.

Mrs. Ghafary’s clinical experience includes the evaluation of cognitive functions (language, memory, attention, gnosia, praxia), the planning and the administration of therapies to patients from all ages suffering from CVA, aphasia, brain injuries, swallowing disorders, speech and language delay, dyslexia, dyscalculia, stuttering, attention deficit disorder ADD, ADHD etc.

She is specialized in swallowing disorders and she elaborates the Arabic Memory test for screening Alzheimer’s disease in early stage.

She attended many seminars and conducted several trainings in the following areas: rehabilitation in Neurological Dysarthria, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Stuttering, Swallowing Disorders, Autism, Cognitive Education and logical reasoning.

Mrs. Ghafary is holding valid practicing permit from DHA-UAE and is a member of ALO (Lebanese association of the speech therapist) and General Secretary of Emirates Speech Language Pathologist Society.

Additionally, she is certified by Lee Silverman Voice Treatment for neurological Dysarthria treatment, holding The It Takes Two to Talk — The Hanen Program certificate (to deal with families of children with language delays), and various method of therapies such as Lidcomb program….