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Ms. Sana Abi Rached
Clinical Psychologist - Psychotherapist

Over than 20 years of experience in Clinical Psychology and pathology  (private practice) while holding a Masters and high studies degrees (DESS) in clinical psychology and pathology from the University of Saint Joseph Beirut.

After having obtained a university degree in Family Therapy (systemic and psychoanalytic approach) in Saint Joseph University Beirut, she

then got a specialization  in Couple Therapy (systemic approach) by the IFATC, Lyon in France after which she co-founded “Espace Famille” where she works in a multidisciplinary way with qualified colleagues with couples and families (on Facebook and Instagram :

She has clinical experience in the educational field by working in the sector of schools (College Notre Dame de Jamhour,  College Saint Grégoire affiliated to College Notre Dame de Jamhour  and Jesus&Mary School). This experience reaches children and adolescents with academic and behavioral difficulties.

Experience as well with drug abusers after having worked with Center Oum El Nour for rehabilitation of drug abusers.)

Experience too with the prisoners after having worked with AJEM (Association Justice et Miséricorde) accompanying  adult prisoners  Roumieh prison.

Attended and conducted several trainings in the educational and psychological fields such as : Parents and children relationship, teen age, trauma and resiliency, discipline and addiction to internet and social media etc…