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  • Reine Bou Issa Ghafary
    Speech and Language Pathologist and Neuropsychologist
    Reine is dedicating her time to best serve the community. She established Talking Brains Center FZE in DSO, Dubai. Having over 20 years of experience in the speech therapy and Neuropsychology profession...
  • Ms. Sana Abi Rached
    Clinical Psychologist - Psychotherapist
    Over than 20 years of experience in Clinical Psychology and pathology (private practice) while holding a Masters and high studies degrees (DESS) in clinical psychology and pathology from the University of Saint Joseph Beirut...
  • Therapist Maria
    Maria Zakaria
    Speech and Language Pathologist - Ms. In Neuropsychology
    Maria started working with children having learning difficulties or language delays in a specialized school and several clinics in Jounieh and Beirut, Lebanon, after her graduation in 2011.