Fluency Disorders

Fluency Disorder is also known as stuttering. It is characterized by repetition of sounds, syllables, or words, prolongation of sounds and interruptions in speech. Stuttering affects people of all ages.

Consult TBC if:

  • The stuttering lasts for 6-12 months or more
  • The stuttering appears late, after the child is 3½ years old
  • The stuttering is frequent
  • Struggling when talking is observed


The Lidcombe Program targets behavioral treatments for children, under the age of 6, suffering from stuttering and fluency disorders. The program is administered by a parent in the child’s everyday environment, with the supervision of the speech and language therapist. Parent training is an essential part of the program to help understand how it works. The treatment is direct and involves the parent commenting on the child’s speech.

Therapy after the age of 6