Difficulty in Mathematics – Dyscalculia

Difficulties in math, also known as dyscalculia, affects the areas of arithmetic and mathematics as it is a deficit in logical and reasoning abilities.

Consult TBC:

If a 4-year-old child has:

  • Difficulty listing numbers in the correct order
  • Difficulty matching numbers and words or matching digits and number of objects
  • Difficulty counting objects


If a child between 6 and 12 years of age has:

  • Trouble in mathematical operations
  • Trouble manipulating numbers
  • Trouble identifying the sequence
  • Trouble reading and understanding time
  • Trouble handling money and working out change
  • Trouble solving problems


If a teenager has:

  • Issues in organizational skills
  • Issues in the mental representation of objects or actions
  • Issues with fractions and decimal
  • Issues with mathematical reasoning
  • Issues understanding graphs