Children Psychomotor and Occupational Therapy

Set your child on a path to optimal development through Children Psychomotor Therapy and Occupational Therapy at Talking Brains Center (TBC) in Dubai. Our adept therapists utilize personalized strategies and advanced techniques to tackle developmental challenges. Emphasizing strengths and providing empathetic guidance, TBC is dedicated to empowering each child to embrace their fullest potential.

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How can Occupational Therapy (Psychomotor) help with executive functioning?

Occupational therapy, often used interchangeably with psychomotor therapy, plays a pivotal role in enhancing various aspects of executive functioning in children. This multifaceted approach targets core areas such as motor planning and sequencing, problem-solving, emotional regulation, organization, and memory enhancement. Let’s delve into how occupational therapy can foster development in

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Child Therapy

Understanding Dyscalculia: Unlocking the Challenges of Math Learning

Understanding Dyscalculia: Unlocking the Challenges of Math Learning What exactly is dyscal­culia? Despite being an important learning disorder, many people remain unfam­iliar with it. Dysca­lculia affects indivi­duals’ ability to under­stand and work with numbers and mathem­atics. Unlike their peers who don’t have this disorder, indiv­iduals with dysca­lculia face specific cognitive

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